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Gijsman, R. (author), Horstman, E.M. (author), Willemsen, P.W.J.M. (author), Swales, A. (author), Wijnberg, K.M. (author)
Mangrove seedling establishment is crucial to the long-term development of mangrove forests. This study incorporates a process-based approach for seedling establishment in a process-based hydrodynamic model. The biophysical model is used to simulate seedling establishment in the Firth of Thames estuary (New Zealand). The results are compared to...
conference paper 2021
Willemsen, P.W.J.M (author), Borsje, B.W. (author), Vuik, V. (author), Janssen, S.K.H. (author), Bouma, T. J. (author), Hulscher, SJMH (author)
abstract 2016