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Nichele, Fabrizio (author), Kjaergaard, Morten (author), Suominen, Henri J. (author), Skolasinski, R.J. (author), Wimmer, M (author), Nguyen, Binh Minh (author), Qu, F. (author), Beukman, A.J.A. (author), Kouwenhoven, Leo P. (author)
Transport measurements in inverted InAs/GaSb quantum wells reveal a giant spin-orbit splitting of the energy bands close to the hybridization gap. The splitting results from the interplay of electron-hole mixing and spin-orbit coupling, and can exceed the hybridization gap. We experimentally investigate the band splitting as a function of top...
journal article 2017
Kjaergaard, M. (author), Nichele, F. (author), Suominen, H. J. (author), Nowak, M.P. (author), Wimmer, M (author), Akhmerov, A.R. (author), Folk, JA (author), Flensberg, K. (author), Shabani, J. (author), Palmstrøm, C. J. (author), Marcus, C. M. (author)
Coupling a two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor heterostructure to a superconductor opens new research and technology opportunities, including fundamental problems in mesoscopic superconductivity, scalable superconducting electronics, and new topological states of matter. One route towards topological matter is by coupling a 2D electron gas...
journal article 2016
Wimmer, M. (author), Codagnone, C. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author)
E-government research has become a recognized research domain and many policies and strategies are formulated for e-government implementations. Most of these target the next few years and limited attention has been giving to the long term. The eGovRTD2020, a European Commission co-funded project, investigated the future research on e-government...
conference paper 2008