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Weissbrodt, D.G. (author), Winkler, M.K.H. (author), Wells, G.F. (author)
Water resource recovery is central to the circular economy framework. It underlies the transition of environmental engineering from pollution prevention to responsible innovation for sustainable systems engineering. In order to speed this transition, resource recovery and circularity need integration into new higher education curricula to train...
review 2020
Winkler, M.K.H. (author)
Book 1 Chapter 1 gives a short overview of the history of aerobic granular sludge technology and finishes with an outline of the thesis. Chapter 2 deals with segregation of biomass as a function of height of the sludge bed. Phosphate accumulating organisms were found to dominate at the bottom of the sludge bed, whereas Glycogen accumulating...
doctoral thesis 2012
Winkler, M.K.H. (author), Bassin, J.P. (author), Kleerebezem, R. (author), Sorokin, D.Y. (author), Van Loosdrecht, M.C.M. (author)
In this study, we analysed the nitrifying microbial community (ammonium-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB)) within three different aerobic granular sludge treatment systems as well as within one flocculent sludge system. Granular samples were taken from one pilot plant run on municipal wastewater as well as from two...
journal article 2012