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Klerk, W.J. (author), Pot, R. (author), Van Der Hammen, J. M. (author), Wojciechowska, K. (author)
For asset management of flood defences a pivotal aspect is the quality and accessibility of available data and information. In the management of flood defences inThe Netherlands, safety assessments are conducted every twelve years. To assure the quality and consistency of these safety assessments, flood defence engineers have to make use of a...
conference paper 2019
Wojciechowska, K. (author), Pleijter, G. (author), Zethof, M. (author), Havinga, F.J. (author), Van Haaren, D.H. (author), Ter Horst, W.L.A. (author)
The aim of this article is to present and discuss fragility curves that were derived for numerous dikes in the Netherlands within the Dike Data Service Centre (DDSC) initiative. A fragility curve of a dike is a mapping from the set of loads, acting on the dike, to the set of conditional dike failure probabilities. The DDSC is a platform around a...
conference paper 2015