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Wu, Juan (author), Zhai, Y. (author), Liu, G. (author), Bosker, Thijs (author), Vijver, Martina G. (author), Peijnenburg, Willie J.G.M. (author)
Assessment of chronic impact of metallic nanoparticles (NPs) in soil ecosystems is a necessity for ensuring safe and sustainable application. NPs affect plants and their associated microbial life, while the plants and their associated microbiota affect the NPs' fate. Here, we measured the available Ag pool (determined as...
journal article 2021
Wu, Juan (author), Bai, Min (author), Zhang, D. (author), Wang, Hang (author), Huang, Guangtan (author), Chen, Yangkang (author)
Five-dimensional (5D) seismic data reconstruction becomes more appealing in recent years because it takes advantage of five physical dimensions of the seismic data and can reconstruct data with large gap. The low-rank approximation approach is one of the most effective methods for reconstructing 5D dataset. However, the main disadvantage of...
journal article 2020