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Wu, Wu (author)
The Pearl River Delta (PRD), as one of the fastest developing deltas in terms of land expansion and urban development in the world, is facing serious challenges related to Urban expansion & densification, urban flooding, and identity crisis. The objective of this research is to design a landscape framework and explore adaptive design...
master thesis 2020
Isaza, Elisa (author), Kalyan, Kavya (author), Suresh, Kavya (author), Rezikalla, Minalies (author), Wu, Wu (author)
This project displays an explorative attempt at redefining the megablock planning concept. The Greater Bay Area (GBA), as the site of interest, is undergoing rapid metropolization, with a risk of resulting in the formation of indistinguishable, generic urban structures. The fast development and the migration process have defined a region with...
student report 2019