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Pressmair, Nadine (author), Xia, Yi (author), Wu, Hongfei (author), Langelaar, Matthijs (author), Hendriks, M.A.N. (author), Majdouba, Ahmad (author), Mogra, Mihir (author), Grisaro, Hezi (author), Amir, Oded (author), Kromoser, Benjamin (author)
Concrete, as the most widely used construction material, is associated with a high environmental impact. Within the present study, structural optimization is the method of choice to counter this issue. The entire process, from optimization, to design, experiments and numerical simulation is outlined. Embedded in the framework of a design...
journal article 2023
Xia, Yi (author), Langelaar, Matthijs (author), Hendriks, M.A.N. (author)
Strut-and-Tie modelling (STM) has been widely applied to design D-regions of reinforced concrete structures. For economic and environmental reasons there is a need for optimized Strut-and-Tie models. How to optimize Strut-and-Tie models considering multiple load combinations has not been investigated extensively in the literature. In order to...
journal article 2022