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Zheng, Yubo (author), Xu, Peng (author), Wang, Wei (author), Chen, Tianyang (author), Susilo, Willy (author), Liang, K. (author), Jin, Hai (author)
Many practical secure systems have been designed to prevent real-world attacks via maximizing the attacking cost so as to reduce attack intentions. Inspired by this philosophy, we propose a new concept named delay encryption with keyword search (DEKS) to resist the notorious keyword guessing attack (KGA), in the context of secure cloud-based...
conference paper 2022
Xu, Peng (author), Susilo, Willy (author), Wang, Wei (author), Chen, Tianyang (author), Wu, Qianhong (author), Liang, K. (author), Jin, Hai (author)
Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption (DSSE) has been widely recognized as a promising technique to delegate update and search queries over an outsourced database to an untrusted server while guaranteeing the privacy of data. Many efforts on DSSE have been devoted to obtaining a good tradeoff between security and performance. However, it...
journal article 2022