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Cai, Miao (author), Liang, Yonghu (author), Yun, Minghui (author), Chen, Xuan You (author), Yan, Haidong (author), Yu, Zhaozhe (author), Yang, Daoguo (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
A novel silicone rubber elastic key (SREK) is proposed in this paper for surface mounting technology (SMT) applications. Effects of thermal reflowing stress on the mechanical properties of SMT-SREKs are investigated. The manufactured SMT-SREKs, which underwent various reflowing conditions in advance, are subjected to pressing force and...
journal article 2019
Yang, Ning (author), Yang, Daoguo (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author), Chen, Liangbiao (author), Liu, Dongjing (author), Cai, Miao (author), Fan, Xuejun (author)
The effects of graphene stacking are investigated by comparing the results of methane adsorption energy, electronic performance, and the doping feasibility of five dopants (i.e., B, N, Al, Si, and P) via first-principles theory. Both zigzag and armchair graphenes are considered. It is found that the zigzag graphene with Bernal stacking has...
journal article 2018
Cai, Miao (author), Yang, Daoguo (author), Huang, J. (author), Zhang, Maofen (author), Chen, Xianping (author), Liang, Caihang (author), Koh, S.W. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
The color coordinate shift of light-emitting diode (LED) lamps is investigated by running three stress-loaded testing methods, namely step-up stress accelerated degradation testing, step-down stress accelerated degradation testing, and constant stress accelerated degradation testing. A power model is proposed as the statistical model of the...
journal article 2017