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Ying, Shen (author), Guo, Renzhong (author), Li, Weiyang (author), Yang, Jie (author), Zhao, Zhigang (author), Li, Lin (author)
There are many 3D objects with denser aggregation that they are fully/partly coherent touched with each other through shared facets, which we called coherent set of 3D objects. Visualization for 3D property unit is an effective way to understand 3D spatial occupation, location and relationship in urban space, particularly in the coherent set of...
conference paper 2016
Ying, Shen (author), Jin, Fengzan (author), Guo, Renzhong (author), Li, Lin (author), Yang, Jie (author), Zhou, Yujie (author)
Due to the fast growth of building construction technology and increasing demands on the efficient use of land, human living space are expanded from on the surface to above and under the earth surface. It raises the need for three dimentional (3D) cadastral by realizing that the current cadastral system based on 2D is not appropriate to reflect...
conference paper 2014