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ten Veldhuis, Marie-claire (author), Zhou, Zhengzheng (author), Yang, Long (author), Liu, Shuguang (author), Smith, James (author)
The impact of spatial and temporal variability of rainfall on hydrological response remains poorly understood, in particular in urban catchments due to their strong variability in land use, a high degree of imperviousness and the presence of stormwater infrastructure. In this study, we analyze the effect of storm scale, position and movement...
journal article 2018
Zhou, Zhengzheng (author), Smith, James A. (author), Yang, Long (author), Baeck, Mary Lynn (author), Chaney, Molly (author), ten Veldhuis, Marie-claire (author), Deng, Huiping (author), Liu, Shuguang (author)
We examine urban flood response through data-driven analyses for a diverse sample of “small” watersheds (basin scale ranging from 7.0 to 111.1 km<sup>2</sup>) in the Charlotte Metropolitan region. These watersheds have experienced extensive urbanization and suburban development since the 1960s. The objective of this study is to develop a...
journal article 2017