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Yang, Xueying (author), Karampatzakis, Evgenios (author), Dörr, C. (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author)
LoRaWAN is a MAC-layer protocol for long-range low-power communication. Since its release in 2015, it has experienced a rapid adoption in the field of Internet-of-Things (IoT). However, given that LoRaWAN is fairly novel, its level of security has not been thoroughly analyzed, which is the main objective of this paper. We highlight the security...
conference paper 2018
Yang, Xueying (author)
Internet of Things (IoT) applications nowadays have a wide impact on people’s daily life while the size of IoT has been increasing rapidly. Millions of devices huge amount of data and different kinds of new protocols can bring many security issues.<br/>LoRaWAN is a MAC layer protocol for long-range low-power communication dedicated to the IoT....
master thesis 2017