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Yao, Jiao (author), Dai, Yaxuan (author), Ni, Yiling (author), Wang, Jin (author), Zhao, J. (author)
Owing to the rapid development of emergency rescue transportation in cities and the frequent emergencies, demand for emergency rescue is increasing drastically. How to select an emergency rescue route quickly and shorten the rescue travel time under the condition of limited urban road resources is of great significance. Based on the...
journal article 2020
Yao, Jiao (author), Ni, Yiling (author), Zhao, J. (author), Niu, Huiwei (author), Liu, Shanyong (author), Zheng, Yuhui (author), Wang, Jin (author)
Violation probability of taxi drivers in metropolis is far more than that of normal drivers because they are labor-intensive, overconfident of self-driving skill, and always searching potential customers, sometimes even picking up or dropping off passengers randomly. In this paper, four types of violated behavior of taxi drivers in metropolis...
journal article 2019