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Yao, Xinqi (author)
<br/>The main object of this study is the migrant laneway, which refers to the old community in the city center that attracts migrant workers because of its low rent and good location. This kind of community in urgent need of renewal contains three aspects: spatial, social and the process of renewal. This study regards these three aspects as the...
master thesis 2022
van Eeden, Paul (author), Yao, Xinqi (author), Richard, Céleste (author), Jansen, Anouk (author)
While attempting to find an answer to the question of how we could become sustainable and circular by 2050, we discovered that it was quite difficult to even imagine what South Holland, the Netherlands or the world, for that matter, would look like. The questions that arose quite quickly were, among others: how many people will live here then?...
student report 2021