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Peh, Wei Yan (author), Thangavel, Prasanth (author), Yao, Yuanyuan (author), Thomas, John (author), Tan, Yee Leng (author), Dauwels, J.H.G. (author)
Neurologists typically identify epileptic seizures from electroencephalograms (EEGs) by visual inspection. This process is often time-consuming, especially for EEG recordings that last hours or days. To expedite the process, a reliable, automated, and patient-independent seizure detector is essential. However, developing a patient-independent...
journal article 2023
Peh, Wei Yan (author), Yao, Yuanyuan (author), Dauwels, J.H.G. (author)
It is well known that electroencephalograms (EEGs) often contain artifacts due to muscle activity, eye blinks, and various other causes. Detecting such artifacts is an essential first step toward a correct interpretation of EEGs. Although much effort has been devoted to semi-automated and automated artifact detection in EEG, the problem of...
conference paper 2022