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Chen, Jing (author), Liu, X. (author), Zeng, Xiao Liang (author), Ye, Huai Yu (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
Hexagonal boron nitride (BN) is often used as filler to improve the thermal conductivity of polymer matrix due to its high thermal conductivity. However, previously reported BN-based composites always have a high in-plane thermal conductivity, which is not beneficial for vertical heat dissipation. In addition, high BN content results in the...
journal article 2022
Tang, H. (author), Ye, Huai-Yu (author), Chen, Xian-Ping (author), Qian, Cheng (author), Fan, Xue-Jun (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
In this paper, the heat transfer performance of the multi-chip (MC) LED module is investigated numerically by using a general analytical solution. The configuration of the module is optimized with genetic algorithm (GA) combined with a response surface methodology. The space between chips, the thickness of the metal core printed circuit board...
journal article 2017