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Yenigül, N.B. (author), Hensbergen, A.T. (author), Elfeki, A.M.M. (author), Dekking, F.M. (author)
Contaminant leaks released from landfills are a threat to groundwater quality. The groundwater monitoring systems installed in the vicinity of such facilities are vital. In this study the detection probability of a contaminant plume released from a landfill has been investigated by means of both a simulation and an analytical model for both...
journal article 2011
Yenigül, N.B. (author)
Landfills represent a wide-spread and significant threat to groundwater quality. In this thesis a methodology was developed for the design of optimal groundwater moni-toring system design at landfill sites under conditions of uncertainty. First a decision analysis approach was presented for optimal design of groundwater monitoring sys-tems under...
doctoral thesis 2006