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Nguyen, Binh Minh (author), Kiselev, Andrey A. (author), Noah, Ramsey (author), Yi, Wei (author), Qu, F. (author), Beukman, A.J.A. (author), de Vries, F.K. (author), van Veen, J. (author), Nadj-Perge, S. (author), Kouwenhoven, Leo P. (author), Kjaergaard, Morten (author), Suominen, Henri J. (author), Nichele, Fabrizio (author), Marcus, Charles M. (author), Manfra, Michael J. (author), Sokolich, Marko (author)
A Corbino ring geometry is utilized to analyze edge and bulk conductance of InAs/GaSb quantum well structures. We show that edge conductance exists in the trivial regime of this theoretically predicted topological system with a temperature-insensitive linear resistivity per unit length in the range of 2 kΩ/μm. A resistor network model of the...
journal article 2016