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Ke, Q. (author), Yin, Jiangshan (author), Bricker, J.D. (author), Savage, Nicholas (author), Buonomo, Erasmo (author), Ye, Qinghua (author), Visser, P.J. (author), Dong, Guangtao (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author)
Climate change leads to sea level rise worldwide, as well as increases in the intensity and frequency of tropical cyclones (TCs). Storm surge induced by TC’s, together with spring tides, threatens to cause failure of flood defenses, resulting in massive flooding in low-lying coastal areas. However, limited research has been done on the...
journal article 2021
Yin, Jiangshan (author)
As a low-lying city, Shanghai faces threats from typhoon and spring tide under the condition of climate change and land subsidence. With high water level at the toe, the sea embankment is likely to be overtopped and breached, finally resulting in inundation inland.  The objective of this research is to study climate change...
master thesis 2020