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Wang, Xia (author), Yuan, Jiachen (author), You, K. (author), Ma, Xianrui (author), Li, Zhaoji (author)
The International Energy Agency (IEA) emphasizes that using real building energy use data (RBEUD) to reflect the actual condition of buildings and inform policy-making is the most effective way to reduce buildings’ carbon emissions. However, based on IEA’s evaluation, regional and national building stock data are limited and lacking. Especially...
journal article 2023
Wang, Jiebing (author), You, K. (author), Qi, Lingling (author), Ren, Hong (author)
In China, dynamic spatial–temporal evolution and urban–rural gap in carbon emissions of residential building sector are crucial for understanding the current state, which is faced with great challenges related to emission mitigation. To overcome the challenge, this study employed the gravity center model to explore spatial–temporal evolution...
journal article 2022
Yu, C. (author), You, K (author), Xie, L (author)
This paper studies the identification of ARMA systems with colored measurement noises using finite-level quantized observations. Compared with the case under colorless noises, this problem is more challenging. Our approach is to jointly design an adaptive quantizer and a recursive estimator to identify system parameters. Specifically, the...
journal article 2016