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Wiltink, T.J. (author), Yska, Stijn (author), Ramirez, Andrea (author), Pérez-Fortes, Mar (author)
Electrochemical reduction of CO2 (CO2ER) is an emerging technology with the potential to limit the use of fossil-based feedstocks in the petrochemical industry by converting CO2 and renewable electricity into useful products such as syngas. Its successful deployment will depend not only on the technology's performance but also on its integration...
book chapter 2023
Yska, Stijn (author)
As global climate change concerns intensify, the search for renewable-based alternatives to products and processes that rely on fossil fuels becomes ever more important. A process that has been championed is the co-electrolysis of carbon dioxide and water, under the supply of renewable energy, via high-temperature solid oxide electrolyser...
master thesis 2022