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Liu, Xiaolong (author), Fu, Dafang (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Yu, Meixiu (author), Kumar, Alagarasan Jagadeesh (author)
As a result of the fast growth of remote sensing and data assimilation technology, many global land use land cover (LULC) and climate reanalysis data sets have been used to advance our understanding of climate and environmental change. This paper investigates the precipitation variations of the Yangtze Delta Megalopolis by using precipitation...
journal article 2022
Liu, X. (author), Fu, Dafang (author), Zevenbergen, C. (author), Busker, Tim (author), Yu, Meixiu (author)
As a result of high-density urbanization and climate change, both the frequency and intensity of extreme urban rainfall are increasing. Drainage systems are not designed to cope with this increase, and as a result, floods are becoming more common in cities, particularly in the rapidly growing cities of China. To better cope with more frequent...
journal article 2021
Yu, Meixiu (author), Yang, Daqing (author), Liu, X. (author), Li, Qiongfang (author), Wang, Guoqing (author)
Dam building and reservoir operations alter the downstream hydrological regime, and as a result, affect the health of the river aquatic ecosystem, particularly for large-scale cascade reservoirs. This study investigated the impact of the Gezhouba Reservoir (GR) and the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) on the spawning conditions of two critical...
journal article 2019