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Wang, Yunwei (author), Wang, Yaping (author), Yu, Qian (author), Du, Zhiyun (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), Gao, Shu (author)
Tidal flats, where significant land‐ocean interactions take place, are often abstracted as a cross‐shore bed profile with sediment zonation from the lower sand flat to the upper mud flat. However, in addition to cross‐shore tidal currents, the impact of the alongshore components on cross‐shore sediment transport, morphological evolution, and...
journal article 2019
Li, R. (author), Yu, Qian (author), Wang, Yunwei (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), Gao, Shu (author), Flemming, Burg (author)
The above-ground biomass of Spartina alterniflora salt marsh meadows is influenced by numerous interacting factors, among them elevation, tidal range and inundation duration. Bio-geomorphological models make use of either linear or quadratic equations, but it is important to be aware that the variables are area specific and hence not generic. In...
journal article 2018