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Tawfek, Abdullah M. (author), Ge, Zhi (author), Yuan, Huaqiang (author), Zhang, Ning (author), Zhang, Hongzhi (author), Ling, Yifeng (author), Guan, Yanhua (author), Šavija, B. (author)
The mechanical performance of engineered cementitious composite (ECC) depends greatly on fiber orientation and distribution. In this paper, the effect of fiber orientation on ECC's mechanical properties was investigated using two different casting methods: a flow-induced casting was used to enhance the fiber orientation within ECC mixture and...
journal article 2023
Zhang, Hongzhi (author), Yuan, Huaqiang (author), Ge, Zhi (author), Wu, Jiajie (author), Fang, Cheng (author), Schlangen, E. (author), Šavija, B. (author)
Clay brick is one of the major components of demolition waste, which is generally landfilled. Effective and new uses of recycled clay brick may provide sustainability benefits in terms of landfill reduction. Therefore, this research aims at applying Recycled fine clay brick aggregates (RFCBA) with sizes from 0.075 mm–4.75 mm to prepare Self...
journal article 2021