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Zarin, Naqib (author)
Blockchain technology has proven to be a promising solution for decentralized systems in various industries. At the core of a blockchain system is the peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay, which facilitates communication be- tween parties in the blockchain system. Recently, there is increasing evidence that this P2P overlay plays a major role in limited...
master thesis 2023
Zarin, Naqib (author), Nguyen, Tat Luat (author), van Bokkem, Dirk (author), Segond von Banchet, Justin (author)
Fraudulent behavior within online marketplaces is a prominent but unsolved problem. Most marketplace operators try to mitigate this behavior by serving as the central authority. This approach requires user data collection and is not privacy-friendly. In an attempt to build a foundation for solving the fraud concerns and privacy issues, this...
bachelor thesis 2019