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Liu, Wei (author), Zhang, Wen (author), van der Linden, Dimitri (author), Bakker, Arnold B. (author)
Ruminative thoughts induced by the COVID-19 pandemic have an adverse impact on individual well-being. However, little is known about how to alleviate such a negative effect – let alone how a person can flourish during crises. The current study uses the self-determination model of flow to propose that two proactive behaviors, strength use and...
journal article 2023
Zhang, Wen (author), Liu, Wei (author), Wu, Yingyee (author), Ma, Chenlu (author), Xiao, Xiyao (author), Zhang, Xichao (author)
In times of uncertainty, such as during COVID-19, many organizations experience profit decline, and employees develop a fear of external threats, such as organizational layoffs. However, most of the literature focuses on how people’s fear influences their well-being. Less is known about how employees’ fear of external threats influences their...
journal article 2022