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Du, Guodong (author), Zou, Yuan (author), Zhang, Xudong (author), Li, Z. (author), Liu, Qi (author)
The autonomous vehicle is widely applied in various ground operations, in which motion planning and tracking control are becoming the key technologies to achieve autonomous driving. In order to further improve the performance of motion planning and tracking control, an efficient hierarchical framework containing motion planning and tracking...
journal article 2023
ZHANG, XUDONG (author)
The research context is based on the problematic situations of urban riparian area (Miami River & Canal). With research by design as the main method, the research aims to retransform the riparian area from an isolated line into a closely connected urban zone through designing the river & canal as urban landscape infrastructure and...
master thesis 2019
Huang, Cai (author), Wang, Yilin (author), Zhang, Xudong (author), Seminario Thulin, Andres (author), van Driel, Iris (author), Liu, Danyan (author), Droge, Jean Pierre (author)
The coastal landscape of South Florida faces many challenges connected to climate change and urbanization. Sea level rise, loss of ecosystems, land subsidence, aquifer depletion are some of the issues that need serious attention. Landscape Approach Florida is showcasing results of a Landscape Architecture Design Lab where seven MSc-graduates...
report 2019