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Zhao, Jiale (author), Yang, Fu Qiang (author), Guo, Yong (author), Ren, X. (author)
As the shallow mineral resources are nearly depleted, the mining of deep resources has become an urgent problem to be studied. The increase in mine depth can lead to the increase of mine heat hazard, which is a critical concern for mining safety/occupational health and safety. However, there are limited review articles available regarding the...
review 2023
Zhao, Jiale (author), Yang, Fuqiang (author), Guo, Yong (author), Ren, X. (author)
Emergency management research is used to deal with the increasing number of extreme weather threats in urban areas. This paper uses causal analysis based on systems theory (CAST) to review the subway water ingress accident and the government's emergency management actions in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, during the heavy rainstorm disaster on 20...
journal article 2022