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Zhao, Jie (author)
Although the benefit of agglomeration has been hugely emphasized by the central government which led to the majority of amenities and services are only in cities and the household-registration system (Hukou) equipped the city with more advantages, the exclusively focus on “megacity-making” eventually leads tothe mega-city problems, environmental...
master thesis 2020
Zhao, Jie (author), Guo, Leicheng (author), He, Qing (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), Wang, X. (author)
Examination of large scale, alluvial estuarine morphology and associated time evolution is of particular importance regarding management of channel navigability, ecosystem, etc. In this work, we analyze morphological evolution and changes of the channel-shoal system in the Changjiang Estuary, a river- and tide-controlled coastal plain estuary,...
journal article 2018