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Zhang, S. (author), Zhao, Xunyi (author), Wang, H. (author)
Progress has been made in how to suppress epidemic spreading on temporal networks via blocking all contacts of targeted nodes or node pairs. In this work, we develop contact blocking strategies that remove a fraction of contacts from a temporal (time evolving) human contact network to mitigate the spread of a Susceptible-Infected-Recovered...
journal article 2022
Zhao, Xunyi (author)
Dropout is one of the most popular regularization methods used in deep learning. The general form of dropout is to add random noise to the training process, limiting the complexity of the models and preventing overfitting. Evidence has shown that dropout can effectively reduce overfitting. This thesis project will show some results where dropout...
master thesis 2021
Zhao, Xunyi (author), Wang, H. (author)
In this paper, we aim to effectively suppress the spread of epidemic/information via blocking/removing a given fraction of the contacts in a temporal (time evolving) human contact network. We consider the SI (Susceptible- Infected) spreading process, on a temporal contact network to illustrate our methodology: an infected node infects a...
conference paper 2021