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Chen, Chao (author), Li, Jie (author), Zhao, Yixin (author), Goerlandt, Floris (author), Reniers, G.L.L.M.E. (author), Yiliu, Liu (author)
Resilience assessment and management of technical systems have been increasingly important as the current applications in the process industries are becoming more complex. Several review papers on resilience management methods and applications have been published by researchers from different aspects. However, none of them put the focus on...
review 2023
Zeng, Tao (author), Chen, Guohua (author), Yang, Yunfeng (author), Reniers, G.L.L.M.E. (author), Zhao, Yixin (author), Liu, Xia (author)
The increasing demand for chemical products has driven the construction and development of chemical industrial areas, or so-called 'chemical industrial parks' (CIPs), but this has intrinsically raised the risk of major accidents. Therefore, it is significant and urgent to summarize the state of art and research needs in the field of CIP...
review 2020