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Zhao, Yubin (author)
Nowadays, the aging problem is shaking the root of the healthcare system in many countries, an automatic human activity recognition (HAR) is seen as a promising solution to that problem. In particular, radar-based HAR attracts people’s attention thanks to its respect for privacy and functionality in poor lighting conditions. With a lot of...
master thesis 2022
Zhao, Yubin (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Fioranelli, F. (author)
The need for technologies for Human Activity Recognition (HAR) in home environments is becoming more and more urgent because of the aging population worldwide. Radar-based HAR is typically using micro-Doppler signatures as one of the main data representations, in conjunction with classification algorithms often inspired from deep learning...
journal article 2022
Zhao, Yubin (author), Guendel, Ronny (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author), Fioranelli, F. (author)
The feasibility of classifying human activities measured by a distributed ultra-wideband (UWB) radar system using Range-Doppler (RD) images as the input to classifiers is investigated. Kinematic characteristics of different human activities are expected to be captured in high-resolution range-Doppler images measured by UWB radars. To construct...
conference paper 2022