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Zhang, L. (author), Shao, Jie (author), Zheng, Yikang (author), Wang, Y. (author), Slob, E.C. (author)
Marchenko imaging can be seen as an internal multiple elimination scheme in imaging domain. By solving coupled Marchenko equations, the measured seismic data can be correctly redatumed to the subsurface with source positioned at subsurface and receivers positioned at acquisition surface. Then, the artefact-free image of the source point can...
journal article 2022
Tohti, Munirdin (author), Wang, Yibo (author), Slob, E.C. (author), Zheng, Yikang (author), Chang, Xu (author), Yao, Yi (author)
Seismoelectric coupling in an electric isotropic and elastic anisotropic medium is developed using a primary–secondary formulation. The anisotropy is of vertical transverse isotropic type and concerns only the poroelastic parameters. Based on our finite difference time domain algorithm, we solve the seismoelectric response to an explosive...
journal article 2020