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Holohan, B. Conall (author), Duarte, M. Salomé (author), Szabo Corbacho, M. (author), Cavaleiro, Ana J. (author), Salvador, Andreia F. (author), Pereira, M. Alcina (author), Ziels, Ryan M. (author), Frijters, Carla T.M.J. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author)
Several problems associated with the presence of lipids in wastewater treatment plants are usually overcome by removing them ahead of the biological treatment. However, because of their high energy content, waste lipids are interesting yet challenging pollutants in anaerobic wastewater treatment and codigestion processes. The maximal amount...
review 2022
McDaniel, Elizabeth A. (author), Wahl, S.A. (author), Ishii, Shun'ichi (author), Pinto, Ameet (author), Ziels, Ryan (author), Nielsen, Per Halkjær (author), McMahon, Katherine D. (author), Williams, Rohan B.H. (author)
Advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics approaches over almost the last three decades have substantially increased our ability to explore microorganisms and their functions – including those that have yet to be cultivated in pure isolation. Genome-resolved metagenomic approaches have enabled linking powerful...
review 2021