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Grasmeijer, Bart (author), Huisman, Bas (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), Schrijvershof, Reinier (author), van der Werf, Jebbe (author), Zijl, Firmijn (author), de Looff, Harry (author), de Vries, Wout (author)
Dutch coastal policy aims for a safe, economically strong and attractive coast. This is achieved by maintaining the part of the coast that support these functions; the coastal foundation. The coastal foundation is maintained by means of sand nourishments. Up to now, it has been assumed that net transports across the coastal foundation's...
journal article 2022
Guarneri, H. (author), Verlaan, M. (author), Slobbe, D.C. (author), Zijl, Firmijn (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author), Keyzer, L.M. (author), Klees, R. (author)
Satellite observations can help in the retrieval of constituents in shallow waters. Noise contamination, however, makes smaller constituents irretrievable and large sources of error. Throughout shallow areas, the constituent’s relevancy changes. For example, near an amphidromic point where M2 relevance drops, so does the potential of satellite...
poster 2022
Rijnsburger, S. (author), Flores, Raúl P. (author), Pietrzak, J.D. (author), Horner-Devine, Alexander R. (author), Souza, Alejandro J. (author), Zijl, Firmijn (author)
The Rhine region of freshwater influence (ROFI) is strongly stratified, rotational, relatively shallow and has large tides, resulting in a dynamic field of fronts that are formed by multiple processes. We use a 3D numerical model to obtain a conceptual picture of the frontal structure and the processes responsible for generating this multiple...
journal article 2021