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Bobbink, I. (author), Naeema Ali, N. (author), Zuñiga Blanco, M.J. (author)
In this paper, concepts for deploying climate resilient design in deltaic regions which encounter environmental challenges are explored. Today, most deltas experience persistent flooding and long-term waterlogging which adversely affects the livelihood of its inhabitants. A new approach was formulated to rethink design and planning pedagogies in...
journal article 2021
Zuñiga Blanco, M.J. (author)
The city of Puntarenas in Costa Rica is one of the many examples along the country’s pacific coast, where settlements have developed and survived by the extraction/exploitation of marine resources and the chain of industries that follow. Currently, these coastal communities are being affected by an amount of socio-economical issues, some...
master thesis 2020
Bobbink, I. (author), Rey Hernández, C.D.P. (author), Rivero Lamela, G. (author), Chouairi, A. (author), Di Nicola, C. (author), Gupta, T. (author), Naeema Ali, N. (author), Ayu Tri Prestasia, Ayu (author), Kim, B. (author), Surajaras, R. (author), Lin, M. (author), Zuñiga Blanco, M.J. (author)
Flowscapes studio - Circular Water Stories lab
book 2020