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Zwaan, Hugo (author), Petermeijer, S.M. (author), Abbink, D.A. (author)
Traditional driver-automation interaction trades control over the vehicle back and forth between driver and automation. Haptic shared control offers an alternative by continuously sharing the control through torques on the steering wheel and pedals. When designing additional feedback torques, part of the design choice lies in the stiffness...
journal article 2019
Kudo, Yuta (author), Zwaan, Hugo (author), Takahashi, Toru (author), Ishiyama, Rui (author), Jonker, P.P. (author)
This paper presents a new identification system for tiny parts that have no space for applying conventional ID marking or tagging. The system marks the parts with a single dot using ink containing shiny particles. The particles in a single dot naturally form a unique pattern. The parts are then identified by matching microscopic images of...
conference paper 2018