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van der Gronde, B. A.T.D. (author), Schlösser, T. P.C. (author), van Erp, J. H.J. (author), Snijders, T. E. (author), Castelein, R. M. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), de Gast, A. (author)
BACKGROUND: Decreased pelvic mobility and pelvic retroversion may result from spinal degeneration and lead to changes in the orientation of the acetabular implant after total hip arthroplasty (THA). While multiple patient and surgery-related factors contribute to THA dislocations, there is increasing evidence that sagittal spinopelvic...
review 2022
Snijders, T.E. (author), Schlösser, Tom P.C. (author), van Gaalen, S.M. (author), Castelein, R.M. (author), Weinans, Harrie (author), de Gast, A. (author)
Background: Acetabular cup orientation plays a key role in implant stability and the success of total hip arthroplasty. To date, the orientation has been measured with different imaging modalities and definitions, leading to lack of consensus on optimal cup placement. A 3-dimensional (3D) concept involving a trigonometric description enables...
journal article 2018