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van der Drift, R. (author), de Haan, J.G. (author), Boelhouwer, P.J. (author)
Over the last decade, house prices have increased substantially in nearly all OECD countries. These house price increases frequently coincided with changes in mortgage credit conditions; i.e., decreases in the interest rate and increases in income. This is in line with existing literature, which finds an equilibrium relationship between...
journal article 2023
Teye, A.L. (author), de Haan, J.G. (author), Elsinga, M.G. (author)
This paper uses individual house transaction data from 1995 to 2014 in Amsterdam to explore the risks and interrelationships of the subdistrict house prices. Simple indicators suggest that house prices grow faster and are more risky in the central business district and its immediate surrounding areas than in the peripherals. Furthermore, we...
journal article 2017