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Huismans, Y. (author), Koopmans, H. (author), Wiersma, Ane (author), de Haas, Tjalling (author), Berends, Koen (author), Sloff, C.J. (author), Stouthamer, Esther (author)
River deltas commonly have a heterogeneous substratum of alternating peat, clay and sand deposits. This has important consequences for the river bed development and in particular for scour hole formation. When the substratum consists of an erosion resistant top layer, erosion is retarded. Upon breaking through a resistant top layer and...
journal article 2021
de Haas, Tjalling (author)
The upper Columbia River is an anastomosing river. Anastomosing rivers consist of a network of channels enclosing floodbasins. The factors that determine the configuration of river networks such as the upper Columbia River are unknown. Additionally the origin of anastomosing rivers is unclear. Two main theories exist on the origin of anastomosis...
report 2010