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de Heer, Danny (author)
The weirs in the river Meuse reach their theoretical lifespan. The weirs were built in the early 1930s and now one is faced with a replacement task. Various studies have been carried out in recent years on the future of the weirs in the river Meuse. This concerns research into the entire weir system, different types of weirs and the way in which...
master thesis 2020
van der Hoek, Alexander (author), de Heer, Danny (author), van Olst, Bart (author), van Leeuwen, Pauline (author), van den Kerkhoff, Roy-Matthieu (author)
Jakarta is heavily subjected to land subsidence. Due to this subsidence, the city is sinking further to under sea level. This has influence on the flood safety, both from an extreme sea event as an extreme rainfall event. The major cause of the subsidence is assumed to be the groundwater extraction, which takes place due to a lack of piped water...
student report 2017