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Kosters, N.D. (author), de Hoogh, A.K. (author), Zeijlemaker, Hans (author), Acar, Hakkl (author), Rotenberg, Nir (author)

We introduce core-shell plasmonic nanohelices, highly tunable structures that have a different response in the visible for circularly polarized light of opposite handedness. The glass core of the helices is fabricated using electron beam induced deposition and the pure gold shell is subsequently sputter coated. Optical measurements allow us...

journal article 2017
de Hoogh, A.K. (author)
One promising way to manipulate light on the nanoscale is to exploit the properties of light when it interacts with metallic elements. Light can, for instance, be guided along the interface of a metal and a dielectric. These guided waves are called surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), and they occur because the collective oscillations of free...
doctoral thesis 2016