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Brooijmans, Sophie (author), Franken, Mathijs (author), de Iongh, Zilver (author), de Jong, Ward (author), van Marsbergen, Annemiek (author)
Indonesia is one of the largest ocean pollutants in the world in terms of plastic emissions. The country has many tourist areas, including the island of Bali, which is the main tourist hub. The plastic problem is large around and on Bali, which has negative consequences for both the environment and the tourism sector. NGOs and the government are...
student report 2019
de Iongh, Zilver (author)
The beach at Ngapali, Myanmar is eroding, resulting in a shoreline which moves landward. The coastline gets closer to the vegetation each year and during the monsoon season, at high tide, it reaches the palm trees completely. The assumption is that this is due to people shovelling truckloads of sand from the beach to use for construction, this...
bachelor thesis 2017