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Sarakinioti, M.V. (author), Konstantinou, T. (author), Turrin, M. (author), Tenpierik, M.J. (author), Loonen, R.C.G.M. (author), de Klijn-Chevalerias, M.L. (author), Knaack, U. (author)
Currently, several research projects investigate Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology as possible construction method for future buildings. AM methods have some advantages over other production processes, such as great freedom of form, shape complexity, scale and material use. These characteristics are relevant for façade applications, which...
journal article 2018
de Witte, D. (author), de Klijn-Chevalerias, M.L. (author), Loonen, R.C.G.M. (author), Hensen, J.L.M. (author), Knaack, U. (author), Zimmermann, G. (author)
This paper reports on the research-driven design process of an innovative thermal mass concept: Convective Concrete. The goal is to improve building energy efficiency and comfort levels by addressing some of the shortcomings of conventional building slabs with high thermal storage capacity. Such heavyweight constructions tend to have a slow...
journal article 2017
de Klijn-Chevalerias, M.L. (author), Loonen, R.C.G.M. (author), Zarzycka, A. (author), de Witte, D. (author), Sarakinioti, M.V. (author), Hensen, J.L.M. (author)
Thermal mass is usually positively associated with energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings. However, the slow response of heavyweight constructions is not beneficial at all times, as these dynamic effects may actually also increase heating and cooling energy demand during intermittent operation or can cause unwanted discomfort. This...
conference paper 2017