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De Laat, M.L.C. (author)
The choice on which cantilever to use for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) depends on the type of the experiment being done. Usually, the cantilevers have to be exchanged when a different stiffness is required and the entire alignment has to be repeated. In the present work, we have developed a method to adjust the stiffness of the AFM cantilever...
master thesis 2016
de Laat, M.L.C. (author), Perez Garza, H.H. (author), Herder, J.L. (author), Ghatkesar, M.K. (author)
In situ stiffness adjustment in microelectromechanical systems is used in a variety of applications such as radio-frequency mechanical filters, energy harvesters, atomic force microscopy, vibration detection sensors. In this review we provide designers with an overview of existing stiffness adjustment methods, their working principle, and...
journal article 2016