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Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), de Ridder, Sjoerd (author), Dukalski, Marcin (author), Reinicke, Christian (author)
Standard Marchenko redatuming and imaging schemes neglect evanescent waves and are based on the assumption that decomposition into downgoing and upgoing waves is possible in the subsurface. Recently we have shown that propagator matrices, which circumvent these assumptions, can be expressed in terms of Marchenko focusing functions. In this paper...
conference paper 2022
Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), Snieder, Roel (author), de Ridder, Sjoerd (author), Slob, E.C. (author)
Marchenko methods are based on integral representations which express Green’s functions for virtual sources and/or receivers in the subsurface in terms of the reflection response at the surface. An underlying assumption is that inside the medium the wave field can be decomposed into downgoing and upgoing waves and that evanescent waves can be...
journal article 2021
de Ridder, Sjoerd (author), van der Neut, J.R. (author), Curtis, A (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
Recently, a novel method to redatum the wavefield in the sub-surface from a reflection response measured at the surface has gained interest for imaging primaries in the presence of strong internal multiples. A prerequisite for the algorithm is an accurate and correct estimate of the direct-wave Green's function. However, usually we use an...
conference paper 2016