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de Ronde, Xander (author)
The increased decentralisation and heterogeneity of critical infrastructure systems pose a threat to the safe and secure operation of critical infrastructures by complicating cybersecurity procedures. The increased frequency and impact of cyberthreats have led to the desire to develop coherent security policies. In order to explore the effects...
master thesis 2018
Yin, Y. (author), Zuiderwijk-van Eijk, A.M.G. (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author), de Ronde, Xander (author), Jeffery, Keith (author)
Making new data combinations and collaborating with researchers from different disciplines are becoming essential ingredients of scientific research. These activities are increasingly contributing to solutions for multidisciplinary global problems, such as climate change and energy transition. Virtual Research Environments (VREs) can potentially...
conference paper 2018