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de Roode, Menno (author)
As cities are getting denser and larger, space for conventional green features is diminishing. Cities without green alienate people from nature, deteriorate ecological systems and directly harm personal well-being. Limited open areas and many sealed surfaces in today’s cities raise the need for a renewed green space approach that fits in an...
master thesis 2021
Dekker, Jelle (author), Vermeulen, Stefan (author), de Roode, Menno (author), Li, Yangzi (author)
The province of South Holland is a key player in the global food economy. However, its agrifood sector is currently generating unwanted outputs. CO<sub>2 </sub>emissions are the largest and most problematic output flow of this sector, causing negative externalities such as climate change and sea-level rise. Actors producing the CO<sub>2</sub>...
student report 2020