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de Souza Amorim, L.E. (author), Steindorfer, M.J. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Context Context-free grammars are widely used for language prototyping and implementation. They allow formalizing the syntax of domain-specific or general-purpose programming languages concisely and declaratively. However, the natural and concise way of writing a context-free grammar is often ambiguous. Therefore, grammar formalisms support...
journal article 2018
de Souza Amorim, L.E. (author), Erdweg, S.T. (author), Steindorfer, M.J. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
In layout-sensitive languages, the indentation of an expression or statement can influence how a program is parsed. While some of these languages (e.g., Haskell and Python) have been widely adopted, there is little support for software language engineers in building tools for layout-sensitive languages. As a result, parsers, pretty-printers,...
conference paper 2018
de Souza Amorim, L.E. (author), Erdweg, S.T. (author), Wachsmuth, G.H. (author), Visser, Eelco (author)
Principled syntactic code completion enables developers to change source code by inserting code templates, thus increasing developer efficiency and supporting language exploration. However, existing code completion systems are ad-hoc and neither complete nor sound. They are not complete and only provide few code templates for selected...
conference paper 2016