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den Haan, Robert-Jan (author), Biemond, Bouke (author), Baart, F. (author)
Salt intrusion is a growing problem in many deltas around the world. During periods with low river discharges, salinity upstream in a delta increases and affects freshwater availability, ecology, and other delta functions. For example, in the Rhine-Meuse estuary (the Netherlands), brackish water can reach drinking water intakes about 40 km from...
abstract 2024
Cortes Arevalo, V.J. (author), den Haan, Robert Jan (author), Berends, Koen D. (author), Baart, F. (author), van der Voort, Mascha (author), Hulscher, Suzanne J.M.H. (author)
Transdisciplinary research requires improved knowledge exchange between science and practice. Such improvements include diversifying and scaling up knowledge accessing and sharing through online platforms. We conducted twenty interviews informed by behavioral science methods to clarify the aim, components, and participants' perspectives on the...
journal article 2023